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Documents of all our projects are normally certified by our legal advisors and approved by housing financial institutions so that they can give loans for our apartment buyers. They scrutinize original title, encumbrance certificates, building permits, land ceiling clearances, other relevant documents and buyer-builder agreements. The buyer if required can employ a legal advisor to examine title for additional protection.

All our projects have be pre approved by major housing financial institutions. This means that all documents related to the property have been cleared by them and the buyer needs to submit his documents only for availing housing loans. Our projects are normally approved by the following institutions.

  • SBI
1. After confirmation of allotment, an agreement will be executed between the builder and the buyer which covers the sale of undivided share of land and the construction of the apartment allotted. The consolidated contract value of the agreement covers the cost of construction and the cost of the undivided share of land. Share in the land is inseparable from the building.

2. A sale deed for the undivided share of land shall be registered by the builder on receipt of the entire amount due. The buyer shall not demand registration until the entire amount due to the builder is paid.

3. The buyer shall be a member of the apartment owner's association/society, which shall be formed by the buyers at the time of handing over possession of the apartment. The society shall carryout routine maintenance and repairs of common areas, common fitting and installations, exterior walls, maintenance of any staff required, electricity charges for common areas, etc. The buyer shall pay a deposit of Rs.10, 000/-as deposit to the owners association.

4. All charges and expenses arising out of or due to the purchase/contract deed or agreement such as stamp papers, Registration Fees & Expenses, Sales Tax on works Turnover, Value added tax, Corporation Tax, Contribution towards Workers Welfare Fund, Electrical & water connection Expenses, including Security Deposits, Panel boards, Cabling Charges, Cost of Transformers, Service charges etc and any other expense, charges, taxes or levies existing or to be introduced by the State/Central Government or any other statutory body shall be exclusively met by the buyer. These amounts are not included in the basic sale price. The buyer shall pay all such amounts within 15 days of demand by the builder.

5. Every effort shall be made to obtain electrical and water connections within the completion period. However, no responsibility shall be accepted by the builder for any delay in obtaining these connections from the statutory bodies. All rules, policies and regulations made by the Government or any other statutory bodies shall be observed by the builder. Handing over dates shall not be delayed due to non-allotment of these connections. All expenses for providing temporary supplies for occupation of the building before getting connections shall be met exclusively by the buyer.

6. All dimensions, measurements, drawings, price and details shown in the website / brouchure are subject to change without any prior notice. All such changes are purely at the discretion of the builder.

7. The area of each unit shown is inclusive of wall thickness and share in common areas. The dimension shown of each room is exclusive of wall thickness. Furniture layout shown is only an indication of space utilization.

8. Any alterations/additions at extra cost will be done only at the discretion of the builder. The materials required for the alterations/additional works shall be procured by the buyer and the labour costs of the alterations/ additions have to be paid as the specific works progresses. No alterations to the exteriors, common areas and basic structure of the building will be allowed. Requests for additional/ alterations have to be given in writing to the builder well in advance. Verbal requests will not be considered.

9. Loan facility can be arranged from leading financial institutions subject to the eligibility of the buyer. The builder will charge the buyer for any extra documents other than the ones given by the builder according to the actual expense incurred.

10. All payments due to the builder shall be completed at the time of handing over. All payments are to be made by demand drafts or cheques payable at Chennai in favour of  M/s. LARA HOMES. All collection charges for outstation Cheques are to be borne by the buyer. Interest at the rate of 18% p.a. shall be charged on payments delayed by more than 15 days beyond schedule.

We are proud to record that 95% of our clients remain with us till the completion of their homes. However, due to personal reasons, a client may wish to assign the apartment to a third party before completion, or to withdraw from the project. Lara Homes reserves the right to cancel the allotment if payments are delayed beyond the dates indicated in the schedule of payments. Such withdrawal, assignment or cancellation causes serious inconveniences, with expenses incurred in accounting, documentation and extra works. When a client assigns his right to a third party, the assignment should be in writing and the client must pay an assignment fee, not exceeding Rs. 50 per sq. ft., to be determined by the builder from time to time. In the event of withdrawal or cancellation, the apartment will be re-allotted. Only after re-allotment to a third party, the amounts paid will be refunded without interest, after deducting two percent of the construction contract value, registration cost if UDS registered and also cancellation cost. Refunds shall be remitted only in Indian Rupees.

An apartment owners association will be formed within 6 months from the date of handing over of the project. All apartment owners shall be members of this association. The common maintenance of the building shall be taken care of by this association. The office bearers of this association shall be elected among the members every year. The elected office bearers will be responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the building. The builder shall do the maintenance of the building for a period of 6 months only from the date of handing over.
Some of the items coming under this are

  • Recruitment and maintaining security and staff.
  • Maintenances of lifts, generators, transformers etc
  • Maintenances of water tanks, sewage treatment plants, water treatment etc
  • Maintenances of exteriors and lobbies
  • Maintenances of common facilities like health club, guest room, computer, etc.
  • Maintenances of common electricity connection
  • Maintenances of water connection,
  • Maintenances of terrace.
  • Maintenances of common gardens.
  • AND anything that is common to all the apartment owners.

Maintenance charges should be promptly paid by each owner to ensure trouble free service. The Association has the right to remove common benefits or amenities from a client for defaults in payment due for common expenses.
Monthly electricity charges and individual taxes for the apartment are to be paid directly by the apartment owner to the concerned Authorities.

1. An unregistered, stamped agreement for construction between you and Lara Homes, which lists mutual obligations for constructing the apartment allotted to you.

2. An unregistered agreement for sale between you and Lara Homes / Land Owner setting out the terms and conditions to be complied with in order to get the undivided share of land registered in your name.

3. A registered sale deed which transfers the undivided share in the land into your name. This deed will be registered after full payment has been received including cost of additional works statutory taxes and charges.