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Quality is Our Hallmark! Lara Homes is a firm believer in developing quality projects that are not just aesthetic but also sturdy. Brick by brick, we have built every home with the care, we would for our own home! Every bit of material used in the construction.

Quality Comparison Chart

Lara Homes Used Normal Construction Strength / Durability Cost Comparison
Designer Concrete Mix

1: 1½: 3 using ¾”, ½”, ¼” Jally with Seived Karur Sand by Using Water reducing plasticisers with 43 Grade OPC Cement

We use Treated Bore Well Water for Concrete mixing

1:2:4 with 1/3” Jally Only

Bore Well Water
Double the Strength

For Avoiding the Steel Rod Corrosion
Steel Rods

Billet Extruction grade Thermex FE500 ISI grade

Rerolling TMT Steels 17% Strength more quality2
Switches Modular Switches with ISI standard Ordinary 5 time more Durability quality3
Electrical Finolex Coils with Joint Free Wiring MCB ELCB Vasavi Electrical Pipes Ordinary Cables Nil Nil Ordinary Pipes Extra Safety & Durability quality4
Main Door Solid Teak Door with Melaman Polished Country Wood Door Life Time Strength quality5
French Windows & Windows French Windows with 8x7 UPVC Windows GRILLS With Stainless Steel Grills NIL Ordinary MS Rods For More Ventilation For More Aeration Permanent No Need of Paint quality6
Pest Control Proper use of pesticides from Foundation to ground floor NIL Pest Free Strong Structural quality8
Special Leak proof Toilet Finolex Pipe PVC Welded in all Joints and coated with Fiber Glass Materials Embedded with Pebbles Filled with Sand & Suruki 99% Leak Proof Toilet 10 Times more
Bathrooms Flooring Laid out with Non-Slippery Tiles, Wall with 7’ Branded Tiles & Light Coloured Branded Fitting Ceramic Tiles with 5’ only With Elegant & Several Year’s 10 Times more
Bathroom Doors FRB Doors Flush DoorsNo Need of Paint / Polish Permanent 25,000/- Extra for One Toilet
Copper Plumbing Avoid Corrosion, Scale formation, Hygienic and for providing Toilets as per International Standards GI Pipes/ PVC Pipes Long Durability
Door Hintches Jothi Brass Hintches for Main Door Jothi Aluminium Hintches for all other doors Normal HintchesLife time Durabilityquality10
Gas Pipe Lines LPG Gas Through Copper Pipes M.S. Pipes with Powder CoatedAvoid Gas Leakages Ever Lasting
Lock Copper Cylinder SS Coated Special Locks with Special Handle Ordinary Best Price LocksLife time Durability quality12